How to build your speaking platform with Christy Largent!

How to Build Your Speaker Platform with Christy Largent!

Are you ready to build your speaking platform?

Christy Largent is a speaker, author and podcaster. She has over 20 years of experience in the speaking world and you won’t believe her journey to get here.

Christy is hilarious, genuine and authentic!

In this interview, Christy leaves you with practical steps to get started while sharing some of the pitfalls to avoid that she learned along the way.

She even talks about her big move to make an even bigger impact!

Grab a cup of coffee and get ready to laugh your way through this interview!

You can learn more about Christy here:

For Socialife Academy Members: 

Christy provides a tutorial on how to set up your Speakers One Page in order to book for speaking engagements the way professionals do it! This is an in depth training where explains ever piece of the process and every section with instructions for modifying.

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Are you ready to join 400+ entrepreneurs on their journey to UNLEASH their 'something' amazing?!

Connecting is my jam so get ready to learn the top five elements it takes to move from Founder to Leader:

  1. Build social capital
  2. Gain effective leadership skills
  3. Increase your productivity
  4. Increase engagement with your brand
  5. Unleash the power of YOU!
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