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Your Instagram Bio Tutorial to add Multiple Links!

by Ashlee Tate
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smart bio from the Tailwind app for instagram

Your instagram bio is one of your best marketing tools to connect with new audiences, build community and make sales!

A couple of weeks ago I showed you how to cross promote your instagram page from different platforms with the QR code in this video.

What happens when they get there? Your instagram bio generally only allows for just 1 link! So no new videos, no new blog posts, no donation button!

Usually you have to direct them to your website and cross your fingers that they can navigate to the page you were directing them to in the first place!

Not anymore!

 If you feel like instagram is super fun but at times a bit clunky, I feel you.  Trying to remember to add your newest blog post or youtube link. 

How many times have created an awesome post and you want people to take an action but since you can have a  clickable link directly to it, instead you say, go check out my website under this tab or go to ashleetate.com/workwithme to find out more. 

It’s so frustrating. This tool i’ll be sharing with you today is changing the game for my bio and will do the same for you. Now this tool is something that I actually stumbled upon using a service for a completely different reason. Now before you click off, this tool is entirely free and they promise it will remain free forever!!! What?! 

So the service is tailwind which I have just started at the beginning of OCtober and will create a video for you on that but the biggest improvement that I have seen in relation to sales, has been their smart.bio!

Why is this smart bio so incredibly helpful?

Well in instagram you can’t post links that people can actually click in your posts so you are relegated to sending them to your bio. However, sending them back to your bio doesn’t highlight all of the things that you offer for the different places each person is on in their buyers journey. 

With the smart bio you can tailor your calls to action per post by directing them to your smart bio to actually connect with them at the exact point they need in their transformation journey.

Everything you post is helping someone see things differently or from a new perspective so be sure that you aren’t missing those opportunities for them to connect with you! 

In today’s tutorial (forgive the disappearing act I pull, my first tutorial) I’m showing you how to quickly set up this tool that will forever be free to everyone via Tailwind!

I guarantee you will love this app and it WILL change the game for your overall strategy if it includes instagram!!

Your instagram bio will be working for you all the time to both connect and make sales without you having to try so hard! This is a set it and forget it strategy that is sure to make an impact on your bottom line.

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