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Goal setting and business planning series: My action plan to design the life and the business you want.

by Ashlee Tate
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Does goal setting and business planning seem like an overwhelming and daunting task?

I get it!

When there are so many things to focus on and  you aren’t sure where to start or what should be first, it can seem like an unlimited list of tasks? I’ve been there and have struggled for a very long time to find the place to focus my energy.

My goal setting and business planning process takes you through every step to create an action plan from start to finish.

4 years ago, I started developing this process that I use today and now I’m sharing it with you. It starts with a 30,000 foot look at your life (your life vision) and I take you all the way down to writing it into your daily calendar.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be taking you through this process to help you achieve your goals from start to finish so that you’re ready to hit the ground running!

In general I start this process every December, but you can begin this process at any time in your year. Life is a journey and it begins whenever you take the first step!

In today’s video, I’m sharing that first step to your journey to focus and achieve your goals!  In part 1 we focus on: Visualization and creating direction for your life and business.

I’m sharing my exact goal setting and business planning process that helps me design the life and business I love and I want you to do the same! Each week I’ll have a new download for you to follow along in the process so be sure to look out for it in the coming weeks!

I’ll show you how to find your highest priorities, create balance, productivity and milestones for each of you goals so you can live your most optimal life!

You’ll learn the 7 core areas of life that I focus on,

How to visualize your life and business with my 3 question process,

and lastly,

How to find your guiding word for the year to kick off your planning and get you there!

Grab the download here to follow along and start your goal setting process.

See you in Part 2 next Tuesday!

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