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How to build a community from your social media platforms

by Ashlee Tate
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Start building your community today with this simple strategy.

  • First off I’m not talking about an email list
  • You do a lot of work to create the right social post, to get likes, to build followers but you can’t connect with those people ever again,
  • Everyone says build an email list but what if I changed that conventional advice to say start building a tribe first. In this video I show you how I started building mine and why I wished I’d started from the beginning.

First off, Welcome to The Socialife, a mindset, lifestyle and mission to help you unleash your something amazing so you can be remarkable in business and in life.

  1. Make this a backstage invitation to get to know the real you with lives or personalized answers to their questions that you just may not be able to get to on your social media

  2. Create something that will help your target audience significantly get over something for me that the nonprofit startup course from start to finish or the Academy where I help new business owners build a strategy to align and lead their remarkable brands through weekly meetings. 

  3. Use this as an opportunity to understand your customers better.

  4. Building a house on another person’s land is always a risk and that’s why I suggest using your email as the gateway, you want the ability to connect when you are ready to share an important message or announce a new product or service. (sell through email, connect in group)

  5. Make your email a gateway to your group to access perks going live, accessing others to make connections or some other benefits that only your group receives. ( to sell and to announce things coming up in your group) (schedule your live in the group and leave the time in email and place your videos there) 

When you’re focused on building a business it can be difficult to show people the real you, the relaxed you, the funny side of you, the mistakes and so on. When you have a community that has chosen to connect with you, you are given not only that opportunity, but the opportunity to build a deeper relationship and not have to cram your products or services down their throats.

Within your community you can ease them through the funnel on their own time as well as making selling your products, services or mission much easier and more authentic. 

Remember, Your business is a journey and journey’s tend to be much easier when others are with you. People want to connect and when you give that opportunity you inspire a movement

No matter where you are on your journey to success, building your crew is critical. No matter how long it takes or how slow going it is. 

Another benefit to building a community is the opportunity to understand what your target audience is going through, their struggles, what content works for them and what doesn’t

Whether for profit or nonprofit you are ultimately building a brand for your business with a specified target audience that you want to connect with. Your community is the place for you to connect even before you have a product or service to sell. 

A community builds trust and trust can take time, but it’s much easier when that trust, content and communications are given context of who that person really is at their core. This is why social media works so well. People follow people they know like and trust. If you’re on my instagram page you know that I share a lot about my personal life, more than you’ll ever hear in a video. But if you just watch my videos, since I don’t vlog, you’ll never see that side of me. I use my community as a way to connect on a more personal level with subscribers and followers in one fell swoop while also creating a way for them to connect with others on the same journey

Think of having a holding place for the people who are interested in your message, service, or product  and want to connect, learn more and eventually purchase a from you. 

Now they know, like and most of all TRUST YOU! 

Let’s Unleash Your ‘Something’ Amazing!

If you’d like to learn more about the Unleash Your Purpose Course or The Academy find more information here: www.ashleetate.com/workwithme

Don’t forget to join us in the tribe! Grab your free invitation down below!



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