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How to deal with Burnout as a Social Entrepreneur.

by Ashlee Tate
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Feeling overworked?
Want to give up on your business?
Have no extra time unless it relates to work?
If you feel any of these, more than likely you’re experiencing burnout. Unfortunately, business owners don’t tend to talk about this as openly as we should but it’s more common than you know, especially during this pandemic.
Yesterday, I was speaking with a woman who shared this feeling with me and I have personally been here before. Trust me, it isn’t fun!
I’ve come to learn that when you’re pouring your all into building your business, it becomes inevitable to experience some signs of burnout.
The key is to acknowledge and address it early before it leads to deeper issues like depression or mental and physical collapse and exhaustion.
In today’s video I’m sharing a few steps every Social Impact Leader should take to combat burnout before it becomes too much of an issue.
Give yourself permission to acknowledge what’s happening and make a plan to move forward!

You don’t have to do this alone!

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