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How to Boost Your Confidence!

by Ashlee Tate
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How to Boost Your Confidence!


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So many people ask me about improving their confidence in day to day life, as well as in their entrepreneurship. Having confidence in yourself is critical to interacting with others in an effective way, and achieving your goals in a productive way. As someone who learned strategies for carrying yourself with purpose and entering each day with confidence, I want to share how you can do it to. Here are my 10 tips for boosting your confidence in all aspects of your life. 

  1. Know Yourself

Knowing yourself and how you want to be seen by the world changes the way you are perceived. If you know what your “brand” or set of beliefs is, broadcast them in a way that is effective and strong so that others will perceive you in that manner.

  1. Understand Your Presence

A common phrase I use to describe your presence is your “vibe”. The vibes you surround yourself with and present yourself with are crucial in defining your relationships with others and the world. An easy way to conceptualize this is to remember the “Golden Rule”. Put out vibes in the world that you would want to receive for yourself, and they will come to you.

  1. Speak Positively About Yourself

Confidence begins from within, not from your environment. If you think and speak negatively about yourself, your outer presence will suffer. Every day, we should be exercising positive self-talk. Tell yourself that you can make that speech. You can raise that money. You can do it!

The way you think about yourself will reflect on those you interact with.

  1. Envision the Task as Complete

If you are nervous about achieving a goal or finishing a task, the best way to prepare yourself is to imagine it in your mind as complete. This can boost your confidence because your mind is primed for the challenge ahead, rather than dreading the challenge. Any mistakes you may be concerned about will seem easier to avoid if you know you will make it to the end.

  1. Note Your Appearance

If you want to feel confident, look confident. We all have days that we don’t have the energy to dress up, do our hair, or wear makeup. That’s totally okay! However, when we wear clothes that we like, style our hair, or put on lipstick, the way we feel translates into confidence. 

  1. Be Prepared

When I am prepared for an event or project, I feel so much more confident about the task ahead. Everyone struggles with a lack of motivation, but challenge yourself to push through any negativity towards your work. Being prepared is huge for confidence, so do that reading; print those forms; make that powerpoint; do everything you need to do to feel comfortable with the task you have to face.

  1. Get Into a Good State of Mind

The right state of mind will vary based on your personality and your task. You can prime your energy for the day by eating healthy food, exercising and giving yourself time to relax and prepare in the morning before going out and being productive. 

  1. Take Review

When you do a presentation, an interview, or any task that is difficult, try analyzing how you felt during and after the task. Was your energy drained? Did you lack motivation? Was it too cold in the room? Some factors may seem less important than others, but everything affecting you during that time will reflect in how you perform. Avoid certain stressful situations or environments in preparation for your day.

  1. Get Rid of Toxicity

“Toxicity” can refer to anything. Toxic friends, environments, jobs, or mindsets should be cut out. Some things are unavoidable such as work or school, but limit all aspects that you can control. Surround yourself with positive energy and the energy will come to you.

  1. Be a Work in Progress

You can read this list or watch this video, and still have days where you feel unconfident. That is okay! Don’t give up because what you’re doing doesn’t seem to work. Every day is a new hurdle and will bring different challenges. Check in with yourself and find out what brings you down, as well as what brings you up. Enjoy the moment, and be gentle with yourself when evaluating your own confidence.


I hope you all take these tips to heart and that they help you in your journey of Unleashing Your Purpose. Thank you for joining me!

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