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Attraction Marketing, What Is It?

by Ashlee Tate
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Every business needs to generate leads or potential customers on a regular basis in order to stay in business. Attraction marketing allows consumer to align with your mission, product or service on a regular basis and decide to engage with your brand consistently. This is where the idea of sustainability comes into play. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to push your product or service down someone’s throat and you don’t need to worry so much about your competition when you create a strategy that is authentic to you and your brand!

Insert attraction marketing.

It is the greatest secret weapon on the internet when it comes to lead generation for your business. Understanding how to include it into your business strategy is one of the best ways to increase lead generation for your brand. Creating an emotional connection with your customers along with attracting leads that are a perfect fit for your products and services are the capstone of a strong attraction marketing strategy.

What if you no longer had to aggressively pitch your product or service and could actually stop feeling like you are selling and instead simply sharing your brand mission? What if instead, people heard your message and just gravitated to you?

That’s the power of implementing this type of marketing strategy. In today’s post, I’ll be sharing ways to add attraction marketing into your strategy.

Attraction Marketing

5 Ways To Attract Your Perfect Customer


You need to know who you are trying to attract. I say this all the time, it is imperative to know who you are specifically creating your message for and what they want to know from you. If you don’t know who you’re speaking to your message will most likely fall on deaf ears so it’s best to start here. Don’t worry I’ve got you covered with my Perfect Customer worksheet which is literally the foundation to any strong strategy when communicating your brand.


On the flip side if someone can’t find YOU or your brand then all of this is for naught. We build our brands so that people can find us and work with us. The key here is to build your strategy around where you want or need to direct your customers to learn more about you. For most of us, this would be a website. Unfortunately, I hear a lot of new businesses using their social media as their findability. You should have one searchable asset in your business that can act as your hub for all customers. Since Google is the largest search engine in the world I would suggest you set up shop here. This is one of the first things I show you in the Unleash Your Profit Course! It’s that important! If customers can’t find you, you have a critical strategic error on your hands.


Also known as consistency. However, since all of us have an issue (including myself) with consistency. I suggest creating a schedule so you can show up regularly always working towards the consistency we all aim for. Here’s the deal, when we show up as regularly as possible (depending on life) working towards consistency becomes easier and easier. So let’s stick with the aim to create regularity in your schedule which helps your customers know what to expect from you!


Be real! Both with your customers AND yourself! If you’re working two jobs, running a household, and trying to run a business something is bound to fall through the cracks. That’s okay. Give yourself grace and do your best to show up the next time. People love to see the behind-the-scenes or the polished persona’s we put forth. You become more relatable. People feel as though they would be happy to develop a working relationship with you!


When your attraction marketing strategy starts working people are going to want to connect and ask questions about your business. The key here is to determine how available you want or need to be for your customers. Will you take Instagram messages, emails, phone calls? People need to know how they can best reach you. For instance, I’m horrible at email but I regularly check our group to see if I’ve been tagged for a question so I direct my audience to join the tribe and tag me if they have a question. This gives me the best chance to be available and connectable for my customers.

How to use Attraction Marketing For Your Lead Generation Strategy

  1. Customer Mindset- Understanding your customer’s pain points to add value is key. Know and understand your customer’s mindset when talking about the benefits related to your product or service.
  2. Know where and how they receive their information– When you are looking at where you will share your message, it requires a melding of first, where your customers are and how you best express yourself.
  3. Focus on the benefits– People don’t care about your product, what it is, or how it works. They strictly care about how you can alleviate a pain for them or improve their lives. Focus on the benefits in your attraction marketing to make the biggest difference in your attraction marketing strategy.
  4. Share Your Story, Products and Services often– Share the ups and downs, the behind the scenes and the realness of you to increase relatability. After doing all of this, talk about your products and services from the benefits perspective and don’t be shy about it!
  5. Post with Personality- Now add a little spice with your own spin on delivery. Only YOU can deliver this information in your own unique way! That’s what helps to create an emotional connection to you!

Strategy Before Tactics

Without implementing this as a strategy for your brand, you will continue to throw darts without a target. Get focused on who your ideal customer is by grabbing the free worksheet The Socialife Guide to Finding Your Perfect Customer. Learn the 5 ways to make attraction marketing easier for your business and the 5 ways to use this strategy for lead generation.

If you want to build a strategy that creates consistent income and builds a sustainable business that attracts the customers you want, join us. If you’re ready to stop playing the guessing game of finding new customers. Join us

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