Fundraising Ideas-clarity call

Fundraising ideas were the focus of today’s call. Melanie was struggling with finding ways to create awareness and connection for her Nonprofit organization: Here for a reason.

Our call went a little over 30 minutes but our 3 major outcomes consisted of creating a potential golf fundraiser to be researched, how to create awareness to a larger group of people and ways to grow the organization organically.

Clarity Call with Melanie Oates

Organization: Here For A Reason


Organizational mission:

Our mission at Here for a Reason, Inc. is to provide high level financial and educational support to families who are caring for a loved one with special needs or a complex condition.

Subject: Fundraising ideas


  • A potential golf fundraiser to be researched
  • How to create awareness to a larger group of people
  • Ways to grow the organization organically


*The call abruptly ends as our connection was interrupted. We communicated via Skype to officially end the call. 


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