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How To Stay Productive While Working From Home With Kids.

by Ashlee Tate
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9 tips to stay productive while working from home with kids

  1. Start with mindset, accept your new situation and potentially new productivity level.

  2. Schedule a work out time whether before, lunch, or after work. Change your clothes

  3. Create a daily docket of activities for yourself to feel productive accomplished and fulfilled.  Deterimine your work day hours start-up and shut down signals

  4. End your day before you start

  5.  Share your boundaries

  6.  Increase your focus

  7. Create a Family Workspace

  8. Keep a Master Task List

  9.  Listen to yourself


My Daily Docket

  • Workout 30 min (Yoga, Walk 3 miles, or Sweat App)
  • (6) 20 ounce water bottles a day
  • Smoothie or protein focused breakfast
  • Vitamins before 3 pm
  • Write for 30 minutes
  • Read for 30 minutes
  • 1 load of laundry
  • Connect with someone


Kids Homeschool Routine

Monday-Friday Schedule

Wake up no later than 8am (Breakfast, showers, dressed)

Class Instruction from 835-240

1st period 835-910Science/Google classroom for B

2nd period 920-955 Family PE-Workout

3rd period 1005-1040 Math

4thperiod 1050-1125 Latin/ writing for B

5th period 1135-1210English/Language Arts for B  (online research and writing for any reports)

Lunch 1210-1240 Make healthy choices (almond butter and jelly toast, boiled egg, cheese stick and fruit, ham or turkey sandwich)

6th period 1245-120 history/ clarinet practice for B

7th period 130-205 choir/piano practice music 

band (I-ready for B or language arts) 

Advisory   210-240 Mom will choose an enrichment activity

*Duo Lingo or Read advisory/Science for Bair and Bria if available (outdoor garden work can be switched with music practice time if no work available)

240-3 Please clean up all of your study material and put things back where they belong

*Open periods can be used to study DuoLingo-Spanish, Hunters Safety, Read or write in that order

*Grab your snack bowl for the day/no wrappers allowed in the rooms, all food must be in the bowl

3-5 Open time


  • You may watch a show for 1 hour unless you have asked to watch a movie
  • Chores will still need to be completed
  • (Thursdays Pick up dog poop, Tuesday’s and Wednesdays Take in/out garbage cans, food and water for the dogs by 5pm)


530-630 Practice Basketball and/or Soccer

630 dinner (Bair clear table and Trash, Bria load dishes and wipe down counters)

7-9 Showers, ready for tomorrow, friends, rooms clean, bedtime  at 9 or read until 930 Monday-Friday

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