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Unlisted: My Youtube Process- Video Transcript

by Ashlee Tate

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What’s up tribe today I’m coming on to tell you all about my video recording process. So if you’re new to my channel, my name is Ashley Tay and I am the founder of the social life, the place to be for entrepreneurs with a purpose who are unleashing or something amazing while they’re managing it all, life is crazy, right? So one of the things I wanted to really kind of show you and take you behind the scenes and what is one of my processes that I use to really create videos and be on top of my stuff. This is like when I am the most optimal of all days and I have been doing my 90 day planning and all of the things I like to incorporate into my productivity habits. And I record six videos in a row. So sometimes it’s three videos in one day and three videos the next day.

But you batch all of those videos into one timeframe and then you just sit you record. And so, um, I really wanted to bring this to you cause I know a lot of you are wanting to do you too. But it sounds a little daunting where you want to start a podcast, but it seems so daunting because there’s so much to do. So I really wanted to, to streamline that process for you can show you how most people who are running YouTube businesses or online business and they have um, things where they can kind of be in charge of what they are batching and how they’re doing things. Um, this is one of those things. So it’s called time bout G the way that this process works. And um, I will do a full video on what time batching is all about. But for today I really just want to talk to you about in my personal YouTube process and how I upload videos and do all of that so that you can also take this process of doing the same thing.

The first thing I want to talk to you about is when you are considering building your personal brand and you’re considering really starting and launching your business, whatever it may be. Um, you really want to start thinking about the different types of topics that you’d like to talk about that come naturally to you, that you think about often you love to read about, like learn about all of those types of things. Those are the topics that you’re going to want to talk about on your channel, on your podcast, on your blog, wherever you are. And you’re going to want to keep a list of those running lists so that you always like when you’re lacking inspiration you like where’s Ellis? I have, I have a notebook with me and I have basically a running list on each page, a separate page of whatever topics I talked about.

So generally I like to talk about nonprofits productivity, like talking about business you to connection to vacation, all those types things. So those are my topics and I like to focus in on two. I like to find the videos that are going to give you guys that type of information. So I just write as soon as I have some inspiration. You can do this on your computer, you can do it on a notebook, however you like to do it. But express those thoughts, express kind of what thinking in the moment, especially if you’re a mom or a dad and you’re around kids, a lot of just you know you’re living life. You want to really be able to capture those thoughts because they’re good thoughts and you can expand on them later. So have whatever way through twin, I’m always in my car go. So that’s how I tend to write mine down.

The next thing you’ll want to do is before you even start recording, not want to even start recording until you have written this out. The big thing about writing it out is that you can then translate that over to, and I had to love this guys. I am not a writer. I’ve gotten, not lie down, but even a quick outline, which is something that I do do is very easy to use. And I send it over to my assistant that she can write it up on the website or she can write it wherever it needs to be written in there, make it more fluffy or whatever. And then that stuff can be used like your website and can be used for different content reasons later. The purpose, there’s lots of ways people use it once it’s pretty down. But I can tell you that I’m not going to go back and watch all my old videos so that I can actually write it down and to put down my websites.

It’s in there. You go to my website maybe because the way I express myself speaking. And so you have to find what the best way of expressing yourself is. And maybe you have to force yourself to speak and get on camera because you’re an excellent writer. But I know that YouTube is the place that you want to be found or you know that a podcast is how you want to be found and you have to really learn how to express yourself, your voice, um, that fighting is a great way to start. And then those here, for those of you that are speakers like myself, sometimes it’s hard to slow down and right. That’s why I say capture the thought first and then create the outline. Sometimes I have to speak through the video as if I recording and then I make little notes in my outline of what I’m trying to say.

So, uh, start there. Always. Always, always start looking out. Like you have to have that outline cause otherwise you’d be on edge on that. So don’t be like two things I have to worry about a web cam and the light and that’s it. I don’t worry about anything else. I sit here, I record and that’s it. Now sometimes if I’m recording a lot, like I am today, two or three videos, um, I will just change my clothes and then I will come back and I’ll record some more. But the next video, so first one, half your list of topics so you can always pull from that. Second, you want to create an outline before you even start recording. And number three, you want to make sure you sit down and have everything need to report. Number four, what I like to do is make a short recording after I record my video and I know what I’ve tried to say.

I tried to make it really short recording. Now I can just post on Instagram or on Twitter or whatever, like less than 30 seconds or less than one minute depending on where you’re planning and you saying how or you can just write up a short little piece or outline and use that as for um, caption. But what you need to do is make sure you take a photo of yourself both on your phone and also wherever you’re recording. Just take a quick screenshot of yourself and save to your computer so that you can then create your thumbnail. Later. I stand there and I go or whatever. I’m going to do play video and I clicked the, you know, the stop button or whatever and then I screenshot that and it goes onto your screen. So it makes it super simple. So you’ll want to go through that process every time you record.

Do not forget because when you go to make that video or send it in and upload it to YouTube, you’re not going to have the thumbnail and you’re not going to like this. You’re looking like this on a video or you’re in the middle talking like that and you don’t like where you look. So the thumbnails are really important to make sure you do that. I just add my thumbnail into Canva and then I, you know, I have my basic Randy that I put on there and then I uploaded and uploaded as a thumbnail to YouTube. That makes things super simple, super easy. So the next thing is edit your video. Now editing your video can, if you’re just starting out, I do think you should learn how to do it yourself. But if you just know that that’s not something you ever want to do, um, then I would say that you actually hire someone.

No, I hired my person from fiber and his name is Jordan Norris and he’s on Mary’s amazing and he’s the one that does all my videos. I just told them kind of like what colors I wanted. And what kind of like branding. I wanted things. If there’s anything specific that I want to show up on the screen, I love no. Um, and he does all of that. So that’s my person to, if you want to go find him on fiber, you can, sorry Jordan. I think it’s amazing to have someone edit your videos. It really takes out a lot of the time that you spend, um, editing and especially if you’re not a good editor like you guys may have seen in my past few years. I am not a good editors. So, um, I used to be like, eh, eh, that moved doing all that. So, so I don’t want that to happen for you guys.

So just get it edited if you can. Um, if you can afford it, do it. If you can’t afford it and you don’t mind editing going ahead and edit it yourself, but add that piece into your timeframes when you’re setting up, when you’re planning to schedule out the videos, now you’re going to upload your videos. Now it’s edit days. You got it back and now you’re going to upload that video with the thumbnail and you’re going to schedule it. Those are all in one step. So you’re going to schedule your video, but now before you schedule and when you play that you want to put it up, it’s unplug when you put it up as unlisted. Then you can wrap that up, the embed code and then you can embed it into your website. You want them to stay on and like watch videos forever and ever and ever and ever.

So you want to keep them on your website so then you’ll want to switch it from unlisted to private and scheduled. You’ll want it to be scheduled. Make sure you always switch it back to private and schedule. You’re only using the up listed piece so that you can get the embed code to add into your website. And when you’re adding that into your website. Can I show you guys all of this? If they connected it back to Academy, when we get to the building your platform piece, when you go into that you’ll want to press the text side, not the visual five of your post and put it in there when you would add code and then it shows up on the visual five of those website nickels that wasn’t going to deep. But just for those who might know might want to try it, that tends to be okay.

The next thing is you want to add a description into your YouTube video. Now I keep one that has all of my information in it and I’m telling you how to get in contact with me, what to click and links and all of that in there. So the all I have to do is put that on there and could find everything about me without having to do that every school. So that’s something you really want to keep track of as well and making sure that you really focus on, um, getting that description up and running. And when do do that and also in the connected impact Academy during the platform. So all of these things I go a little bit more depth and I teach you how to do these things step by step rather than watching a video. But for this specific video you’ll forget that you can get that download and have that for yourself to look over things I’m telling you.

So the last thing you want to do, which I’ve already mentioned at the start of this video, is when you took that selfie or you took that short recording of yourself, you now want to post that posted to all of your social media. And I would even suggest posting it with native videos, which means that its data to that specific platform like you’re not sharing from a number five one. So since you took it from your phone, it should be very simple to you to post it to Facebook posts, to Twitter if you want to and post it to Instagram or whichever other places you would post a video. So I posted it to my tribe and I posted directly on there. But then I can also post it on to my main page and I can post that to Instagram. I can put some Twitter.

Um, and so yeah, there are lots of different ways in place to post them, but you want the video to, you need it. So that’s all I have for you today. I hope that helped you and I would love to know which tip maybe helps you the most that maybe you haven’t been doing already. Um, and I would just love to hear from you while, so if you’re planning on starting to need you to lead your channel down below, cause I would love to come subscribe to you. Whatever you have, I’m telling you right now, I want you to boast all about it and I want you to share it down in the comments below. I know always ask that, but I want to know who’s watching this. I want to know what you guys have. I want to follow you. Um, and I want you to come to be part of our tribe.

And that is the social life tribe on Facebook. And if you’d like your invitation to that, go to Ashley, take.com to grab that invitation and we’d love to have you. Um, there are over 400 people that are in there with us and I’m telling you that they are great people. Love it, people keeping their teeth back, um, and cheer you on. There’s a lot of encouragement. So you’re looking for somebody like that and you have joined us. Drop out again at Ashton [inaudible] dot com if you are at all considering coming a better over and you want to learn how to connect your best to your people, want to be more productive, come join us in the connected impact Academy that opens in October of 2019 and I don’t know how long ago coping, but right now it is open and I’d love to have you and that’s what we teach in there.

So I’m really excited to get that off the ground and really get them forward. Um, I use the connected leader framework, which is something I’ve developed to help you become a better leader, to be able to share your message and listen to people that you need and really know how to live your purpose. So anyway, I hope all of that helps you. And those are the ways that you can connect with me. We do group coaching in the connected compact Academy, so that’s something that you’re looking for. Please feel free to shoot me an email or ask me in the tribe. I respond much better inside of the tribe or via Instagram than I do email pilot for it. Again, can you guys also leave your questions down in the comments below? You try to answer every single comment on YouTube. So I will look for it too. I will see by soon. Now I want you to get out there and I’ll get you something amazing. Thank you so much for watching. Bye guys.

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