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Instagram updates to help you gain more followers

by Ashlee Tate
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I seriously used to laugh at the idea of QR codes when they first came out. I guess the joke is on me now!

I freaking love them now, and you will too, after this video!

Over the past couple of months Instagram has rolled out QR codes on the platform and in today’s video. I’ll be showing you how to first download the QR code then how to effectively use them in your marketing. Are you ready to grow your business organically?

Watch today’s video.

Downloading the app is super easy! Follow these super simple instructions:

The first thing we are going to do is get into the instagram app:

  1. Once you’re in, click the 3 lines at the top right.
  2. Click QR codes and for some it may still say nametag.
  3. Click that and the QR code will populate.
  4. Download it, crop it and save it to your phone. Favorite it too because you’ll likely be using it a lot more than you think!

Now that you’ve got this thing, what should you do with it, where should you use it? 

  1. Since we are usually sending people to our websites, let’s start there. Well, the first thing you’ll want to do is post it to your website just like you would insert any other graphic or picture. Now I am not techie at all so if it was easy for me I know anyone can figure this out. 
  2. Next, place it on any social media that isn’t Instagram, known as cross marketing, and let people know why…I used mine to announce something specific I would be doing on the ‘gram but maybe you just want them to know you’re there as well. Whatever the reason be sure to share here. 
  3. Place it on the end of your youtube videos if this is the main place you want to send people or if you have a link to your overall website placed here. 
  4. When you are being promoted by someone else, send this along with your bio for them to add to their promotional materials
  5. For event promotion of your own where you might be using flyers or printed materials a QR code can be super helpful to direct people back to your iG page so that people can connect with you there and get updates. 

Another great place is your newsletter, business card or brochures for your business. This makes it super easy for someone to leave a flyer somewhere without missing that connection. All they need to do is pull out their phones and take a picture! Who doesn’t have their phone with them nowadays?

As a caveat, be sure that your overall goal is to direct people here for a reason. Is your profile clear and developed with a means to connect to your main marketing goal?

Here’s the thing, you can create a QRcode for just about anything, so be sure there is a method for adding this specific one in these areas for your marketing strategy. 

So there you go! Those are 5 quick ways to use QR codes!

If you can think of more, please leave them in the comments down below, so others can learn from you. 

Stuck bringing all of these marketing tactics together into a comprehensive marketing strategy?

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That’s it for today Remarkables! Now get out there and Unleash your something amazing. Don’t forget to sign up for your free invitation to the tribe so you can join hundreds of others on the same journey!

XO Ashlee Tate
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