How to create your first youtube video: My 10 tips.

How to Create Your First Youtube Video

Getting started on Youtube can be one of the hardest things you’ll do to get your message to the right people, but the reward and benefits you can offer far outweigh the trauma of beginning. It’s scary, I know, I’ve been there! Even though I love a camera and I love talking..Youtube was still daunting. Talking into a camera is just not natural!

In a previous video , Why Everyone Should Have a Youtube Channel

I explain the purpose of a youtube channel and why it’s imperative to spreading your message. However, in today’s video, I share a few tips to help improve your videos and just keep moving forward.

  1. Focus on your lighting
  2. Your video will suck- accept it
  3. Teach what you know
  4. To share or Not share
  5. Time is of the essence
  6. Understand the platform
  7. Call to action
  8. Have goals
  9. Batch
  10. Be YOU!

The key to mastering Youtube is owning it and leading with confidence! No matter what you do this is the key!

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