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by Ashlee Tate

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Welcome to The Socialife

Thanks so much for stopping by! The place to be for Entrepreneurs with a purpose building REMARKABLE brands!

Even if you’re just here to check out the site, I can’t tell you how excited  I am that you’re here! Either way, I’m grateful for your time, so let’s jump right in!

I created this site  because I was fed up having trouble finding the information for myself.  Here on The Socialife I’ll be sharing all things social entrepreneurship, life and everything in between to get you closer to unleashing your ‘something’ amazing!

I truly believe that EVERYONE has ‘something’ amazing they are destined to share and my job is to help you unleash it!

So who am I?

I’ve always believed that communication and connection were the capstones of inspiring people and remarkable organizations. So it made sense that after receiving a Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration, I decided to go back for a Master’s in Organizational Communications.

Sharing information and motivating others to achieve their goals comes so naturally and I love it! My goal is to combine the art of connection to the way we communicate and share our missions through authentically living our purpose!

Meeting, inspiring and encouraging others to become entrepreneurs with a purpose by building connected organizations that inspire social change is the purpose of providing the tools to help YOU unleash your ‘something’ amazing!

A few years ago, I began to see a pattern. Every time someone shared their passion or new project (enter your ‘something’), a fire would light inside of me! That’s when I realized how much I love to share information about anything and everything to get you closer to unleashing YOUR purpose into the world!

My ‘Something’ Amazing and Entrepreneurship with a Purpose.

In 2013, I had an idea (you’ll see that I always have tons of these). The idea was to create a way for one person to directly impact a youth. This is how LaunchPad 4 Kids, Inc. was born.

In 2014,  with the support of my husband, I made it official.  I shut down my public relations business and jumped all in and focused all of my efforts on building this nonprofit! One year later we were a full fledged nonprofit organization with a 501c3 status. Trying to figure it all out proved difficult so I decided to start my YouTube channel to guide others through the process a little easier.

I’ve never been one to ignore the signs. So when I created the video, 7 Steps to Start Your Own Nonprofit  and it reached over 11K views within a few months, I knew there were people out there who needed this information. I then created the Unleash Your Purpose in 30 Days Course to get everyone through the starting phase without missing a step!

More recently, I’ve started my flagship program The Connected Impact Academy -Your Roadmap to Profit with Purpose which focuses on personalized 1-1 calls, workshops related to growth, partnerships, and promotion to connect your business to people, profit and purpose!

Managing It All

Life can get crazy as a busy mom to two of the most amazing kids EVER ( I may be biased).  So my belief regarding work/life balance is, *cough* unattainable…I mean, it is focusing on what’s important in the moment! I always love to learn how other people manage it all so I will be sharing my routines, tips and anything I think can be of value to help you live The Socialife! There is so much more to all of us than what we do.

When I’m not creating new routines to manage it all,  reading a book or socializing, I’ll be right here sharing what I learn on this journey with all of you! With that, I’d like to say, welcome to my little space on the internet where I can share it all!

Thank you again for being here and I look forward to learning about your ‘something’ amazing!

Please feel free to share what you’re doing in the comments and don’t forget to sign up for The Socialife Diaries!

Now get out there and Unleash YOUR ‘something’ amazing to show the world you’re an entrepreneur with a purpose!


Ashlee Tate

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