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Are Board of Directors Titles Required?

by Ashlee Tate
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Board of directors meeting

Can board members share titles?

The short answer is no. The board of directors has specific roles to fulfill in order for the board to function properly. Recruiting and choosing board members is one of the hardest aspects of starting a nonprofit. Finding the RIGHT people is even harder since each of the roles includes responsibilities that should be adequately matched to the strengths of your board members.

What’s the difference between officers and directors?

Since titles are required, depending on the type of board member you are, the required board titles cannot be shared. According to nonprofitlawblog.com officers and directors are like apples and oranges when it comes to roles and responsibilities to the board.

Directors are anyone who serves on the board with or without a specific role. Officers on the other hand hold a specific role or title on the board of directors. Most times these roles are defined in the bylaws whether they are required by law or added by the organization.

What Board Titles are Required?

In effect there are essentially three board of directors titles required by law, specifically in California for Nonprofits. This may or may not apply to those nonprofits in other states. I would urge you to check with your state regarding their laws relating to required board titles. Check your state requirements here

California requires each board to have a minimum number with the role of President/ Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer filled. Any additional members would be considered the Board of Directors while these 3 roles would be considered officers.

How Many Titles Can One Person Have?

One quick point I’d like to make regarding your role as a founder and board member is that of the title you will take. The title President of the board is best reserved for the Founder/CEO while the Chairman is reserved for the officer who leads the meetings.

A good delineation to note as the founder. Don’t be the guy with ten million titles behind their name!

What should you do next?

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Lastly, get out there and unleash your ‘something’ amazing and support others who are doing the same!

Get out there and unleash your something amazing!

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