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Starting a Youtube Channel: Avoid These 10 Mistakes

by Ashlee Tate

Why now is the perfect time to start a youtube channel for small business and nonprofits!


  • Lack of commitment

    • consistency

  • Your Thumbnail

  • Understand what you want from your channel related to your marketing strategy

  • Let people know when you’ll be uploading (pick a day and time you can commit to)

  • Determine your audience

    • VLOGs are bonus or second video of the week strategy

    • stay focused in a lane not a niche.

  • Create series that are related to the same topics

  • Promote and market the video with strategy built into your video from the outline,

    • start with content in the first 15 seconds,

    • introduce yourself quickly,

    • back to content,

    • reverse engineer a press release and bury the lead

    • Promote your subscription mid video, Create an IGTV section

  • Measure what matters

    • Tubebuddy.com/unleashed

  • Analytics

    • Watch time not subscribers or views

    • You are competing against an algorithm not other creators

  • Engagement

    • Respond to your comments

    • Start the conversation especially when you are starting out.

    • Use all of the tools youtube gives you.

  • Ad placement

    • Don’t interrupt the conversation with your viewer

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