90 Day Goal Setting-April

Hi Academy Members,

I plan my life in 90 Day segments. Board meetings, Life plans, appointments, literally everything. This is something I’m planning to implement for the Academy to keep us all accountable for the time being. Pretty much everything will build off of this component of the Academy.

There will be a forum created specifically to place your goals for everyone to see. This not meant to be a way for all of us to check in and keep making progress. Building takes baby steps and each of the 6 week, 90 day periods allow us to make that progress and focus on the most important task.

In this 90 Day video, Dee, Mugo and Lizzie were able to join but we went a little off the topic. If it’s too off topic we can plan another one soon.

The purpose of the Live workshop is for us to chat about the topic and personalize it to fully implement the trainings! Please feel free to leave your feedback. We digress quite a bit in this video. Apologies in advance!

You can also get a more in depth explanation here in the 5 part goal setting series

We will be doing this Live every 90 days together! Get acquainted with the full process with the link above and be ready to work on steps 3-5 in the workshops for that 90 day period!


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