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20 Affirmations to conquer self doubt and fear of failure in business

by Ashlee Tate
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20 affirmations to conquer self doubt and fear of failure in business

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Every entrepreneur I know has dealt with some form of self doubt if not truly having full blown impostor syndrome a psychologically diagnosed syndrome that many people majority of which have been successful women, one being Maya Angelou throw around but actually cripples many people according to a study published in the journal of behavioral Science in 2011. 

Correct Your Mindset

A forced evolution of your business, think of the journey as a process not a destination. You aren’t missing the mark, because there isn’t one. In starting and growing a business there are iterations all the time, there is no clear path. Right now as I record this video, many of us are going through some fears of failure but this is truly just another iteration of our business.- Affirmation: I am on a journey to success and my business is growing each and every day.

Lead With Decisiveness

Lead with decisiveness. If you aren’t sure what to do go with your gut with the information you currently have, don’t be afraid to course correct. Change your mind if you determine a better path, there is no rule book for your brand. Inform your constituents of your reasoning and people will understand. 

Face Your Fears

To start a business, the first thing you must do is face a fear… the fear of rejection, the stumbles of starting and when you’re growing the business you have to keep facing those fears by trying new things to help your business grow…for some its social media, for others it’s the rejection of a grant proposal, a partnership, a new product, but if you don’t face those fears you won’t grow. So push yourself to try something new, even the thing you’re most afraid of, if people don’t like it they don’t have to watch, read or comment on it…it’s your space, your business and your life…do you!

Success Takes Time

Lose the benchmark of OPS (Other People’s Success) determine your own definition and keep that as your north star. Remember that success takes time. Don’t compare any aspect of your journey because no two are the same. When learning tactics  be sure to determine how they fit into YOUR overall strategic direction.

Control the Negative Self  Talk

Negative talk will creep in. It’s bound to happen even with the best of us but psychologist Audrey Erwin suggests asking yourself does this though help or hinder me? I would suggest asking yourself this same question about your network. Stop the negative self talk in its tracks by shifting your focus. Find or do something that makes you happy… for me its a TV show I can zone out on, maybe it’s taking a walk or chatting with someone who makes you laugh! The idea is to stop the negative talk immediately as soon as you recognize it!

Ditch the Naysayers

Watch your energy levels around certain people. Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed. Ditch the naysayers, the toxic people, the unsupportive people even if they are family! You’ll find that the energy you have left to pour into your business will double. 


Acknowledge Your Accomplishments Small or Large

Acknowledge your accomplishments small or large. Put them in writing. It can be tough to be optimistic all the time but it’s not as difficult to find little accomplishments each day. Some Days those will be things like unloading the dishwasher cause that’s all you could do and others it might be revamping your entire website. 

Focus on Short Term Goals 

Make short term goals that can be accomplished in 90 days leading up to a milestone. Remember we all deal with self doubt and turn it into a motivation to keep going. Focus on progress not perfection. 

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