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5 ways to advertise for board members! #RealTalk Q+A

First things first! You all know I always think you should directly ask someone to become a director for your board! It’s a big responsibility and you don’t just want anyone on your board! These will be the people guiding your organization for the next few years! Trust is a key piece of this equation!

In today’s video, I’m leaving you with a few ways that I would recommend to get started advertising for your new startup board of directors!

Before you even begin advertising, you’ll want to first get very clear about your ideal board member. What qualities and expertise you’d like to have and even need? What does the perfect board consist of and contribute to the mission and vision of the organization?

Tip #1: Advertise on volunteer matching sites:

This ensures some level of vetting and interest  from the volunteer. A great one to start with is Volunteer Match! Super easy, just type in your zip code and the area of interest  and  they pop out a list for you!

Tip #2: Use your newsletter:

Need I say more! If you’ve been watching my channel very long, you know that I say to leverage the newsletter all the time! This is a great place to announce that you are looking for new board members! In addition, you already know that these people already have a vested interest in your organization and your mission.

Tip #3: Clients who receive your services:

What better group to choose from to help guide your organization’s purpose and mission than the people who have personally been affected by it and want to support! Depending on the type of organization you run, this might be a great way to continue the connection to your recipients and give them a way to pay it forward!

Tip #4: Create advisory roles:

An advisory board is a great way to include people who want to be apart of your organization but may not have the time to commit to a board level position.

Tip # 5: Your Website

Remember that wish list I told you to create before you got started? Add that to your website so that you can always refer anyone interested to that page if they want to support your organization

When I was looking for my board members, I created a presentation of my startup nonprofit, invited my friends, family and others that supported the idea to attend. At the end of the presentation I asked if anyone was interested in sitting on the board, along with the requirements and expectations of the board! This was by far one of the best ways to connect people to my organization.!

These are my five best tips to advertise for your nonprofit board of directors! Now get out there and unleash your something amazing~

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Should you start a nonprofit or a foundation?

Hey Socialife Tribe!

If you’ve ever considered starting a foundation or a nonprofit but aren’t sure which one you should start.  This is the video for you!

One thing to keep in mind is that all charities are nonprofits even foundations but all nonprofits are not charities. The reason this is important is because some nonprofits are not created for public benefit but all charities (in order to be deemed a charity) must be for public benefit.

Often times if your for purpose organization does not qualify as public benefit some organizations will go the foundation route.

If you are considering some of the main differences or just to get a better understanding of what a foundation is and whether or not you should list yourself as one or even use it in the name, here you go! If you’re considering starting your own nonprofit check out my 7 steps here.

The main points

  1. Foundations are typically funded by individuals or corporations.
  2. Foundations are required to pay out 5% of their net assets from the previous year.
  3. Foundations can run charitable programs w/o setting up a nonprofit.
  4. Foundations can set up scholarships and award programs and choose the recipients.
  5. Foundations provide funds to for profit companies as long as they are used for charitable purposes.
  6. Foundations and nonprofits must go through the same process to get started.
  7. The word foundation has no legal meaning

There are two types of Foundations: Operating and Non-operating.

  1. Private Non-Operating Foundations: 
  • most common foundations (Bill and Melinda Gates, Large corporations)
  • do not directly perform services or programs
  • provides grants to other nonprofits

2. Private Operating Foundations

  • distinguishes its funds to its own programs or services for charitable purposes
  • can provide grants to other nonprofits
  • can be run very similar to a nonprofit


  • All Foundations are required to distribute about 5% of their net assets from the previous year.
  • Cannot do business with major contributors



Sources: https://cullinanelaw.com/difference-between-public-charity-and-private-foundation/