Why I think everyone should start a youtube channel!

Yup today is the day!
Over the last year many of you know that I’ve been running my nonprofit Launchpad4kids, Inc. but I’ve never really shared my other passion of helping others unleash their ‘something’ amazing!
Many of you know my passion for motivating and highlighting others and what I’ve come to learn is that you can’t fight your purpose or what comes naturally.
I truly believe that we all have something to unleash and today, this is mine.
Some of you already know that I’ve started a Youtube channel, dabbling with videos here and there but over the last year, I’ve taken it seriously, found my voice, started having FUN and become super comfortable with the camera. I now have 73 videos on my channel, started making an income and love the tribe that has developed along with it!
Youtube has allowed me to share that purpose in a way that is authentic, uncensored and freeing! So this is the video I thought was the most befitting to unleash it!
Thank you to all of you that have been motivating and encouraging me to put this out there, even my more private better half! It feels incredible to have your own personal cheerleader every step of this journey called life! We may not agree on everything but we ALWAYS support!
Now I’m taking the advice that I give my own kids-
“Don’t worry about what other people are doing or saying! Put your head down and do YOU!
One of my favorite quotes says it all:
“It takes courage to become who you really are”
-E.E. Cummings
One of my good friends always says this to me:
“Transparency is Freedom”
If you have one or have ever thought about starting one, I say get out there and unleash it! #Gottawalkthetalk!

Just one more reason to “JUST START”!


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Should you start a nonprofit or a foundation?

Hey Socialife Tribe!

If you’ve ever considered starting a foundation or a nonprofit but aren’t sure which one you should start.  This is the video for you!

One thing to keep in mind is that all charities are nonprofits even foundations but all nonprofits are not charities. The reason this is important is because some nonprofits are not created for public benefit but all charities (in order to be deemed a charity) must be for public benefit.

Often times if your for purpose organization does not qualify as public benefit some organizations will go the foundation route.

If you are considering some of the main differences or just to get a better understanding of what a foundation is and whether or not you should list yourself as one or even use it in the name, here you go! If you’re considering starting your own nonprofit check out my 7 steps here.

The main points

  1. Foundations are typically funded by individuals or corporations.
  2. Foundations are required to pay out 5% of their net assets from the previous year.
  3. Foundations can run charitable programs w/o setting up a nonprofit.
  4. Foundations can set up scholarships and award programs and choose the recipients.
  5. Foundations provide funds to for profit companies as long as they are used for charitable purposes.
  6. Foundations and nonprofits must go through the same process to get started.
  7. The word foundation has no legal meaning

There are two types of Foundations: Operating and Non-operating.

  1. Private Non-Operating Foundations: 
  • most common foundations (Bill and Melinda Gates, Large corporations)
  • do not directly perform services or programs
  • provides grants to other nonprofits

2. Private Operating Foundations

  • distinguishes its funds to its own programs or services for charitable purposes
  • can provide grants to other nonprofits
  • can be run very similar to a nonprofit


  • All Foundations are required to distribute about 5% of their net assets from the previous year.
  • Cannot do business with major contributors



Sources: https://cullinanelaw.com/difference-between-public-charity-and-private-foundation/