Just one more reason to “JUST START”!


Hi Socialife Peeps! Today I’m talking about becoming an unincorporated nonprofit association! What that means for you and your purpose and why you need to know! Interested in signing up for my new course? Click the link to sign up-http://bit.ly/Unleashedcourse If you’re interested in joining Be sure to sign up for the Socialife Diaries: http://bit.ly/2BDsQgR and hit “reply” to say you are interested in taking the course and I will add you in! Also be sure to sign up in order to get all of the upcoming times for my next live trainings, email me directly and receive weekly advice or join other entrepreneurs with a purpose in our Socialife Tribe FB group. Or just connect with me on social, you can find me at @ashleelaunches!! Thanks so much for watching! Let’s Unleash YOU!

One thought on “Just one more reason to “JUST START”!”

  1. Hi Ashlee,

    I watched your video about 7 tips to start a non profit. Great advice!…. the one thing I couldn’t find on the IRS website was the name tool to reserve my non profit name. Can you please assist me with that.

    Thank you,

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