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Which phase of unleashing your ‘something’ amazing are you in?

It’s all about the Subbies today!

There are 4 phases to this journey of unleashing your ‘something’ amazing: The idea, starting, building and maintaining.

I’ve been there and I want to help you the best way I can each and every time you watch my videos or consume my content. 

I want to explain each one and what I’d like from you today is to tell me which phase you think you are in and what you’d like to get from this channel.

1. The idea/exploratory phase:

You don’t have anything created, you haven’t started the process to become an organization. You might be unsure of where to start, maybe doing some research…could be working a full time job. Research deciding whether you should be nonprofit or for profit, social entrepreneur, can i sustain myself.


2. The Starting Phase:

If you’re in the starting phase- You are actually starting to create the organization. You’ve made the decision move forward whether full or part time. You are in the process of reserving your name, creating your mission or vision, deciding on your board of directors


3. The Building Phase:

You have applied for your nonprofit status or become a corporation and now you need people to find out about what you’re doing, how you’re going to structure your organization. Processes that need to be created, sustainability methods, how to use social media, giving your organization structure


4. The Maintaining Phase:

This is the true unleashing period of your something amazing. You now have your nonprofit, you are fine tuning, looking at scaling, putting your head down and accomplishing that big audacious goal  so you may be finding your audience, focusing on getting noticed and getting your message out, creating a social media presence, pulling it all together. Looking at things like partnerships and sustainability methods.

Now that you know the 4 phases of unleashing your something amazing I’d like you to tell me in the comments what phase you think you are in and at least one piece of information you’d like to learn from this channel at this point.

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The #12ontwitter2017 challenge is here! Join ME!

The Script

What’s up! It’s Ashlee with The place to be if you are an entrepreneur with a purpose. If you’re new my channel I talk about all things related to building and promoting your something amazing! Whether you are a nonprofit or for profit YOU have something amazing to share with the world, this channel is here to help you unleash it! I’ve got a challenge for you today!

Today I’m going to be talking to you about Twitter!

I have not used twtiter in a very long time and I actually try very hard not to start on a social channel without keeping it up (guilty) but here is one place i have failed at that horribly. I just didn’t think 140 characters was enough.


So why now right?

Why October? Well, simply because I have a little more time, I’m a bit more organized and I know that I want to do this thang for my something amazing, LaunchPad 4 Kids, Inc.  and The Socialife 100 percent! So I better walk the talk.

What is 12 on Twitter

There is no better way to start a new habit than to challenge yourself to do it daily. That’s how the 12 on Twitter challenge was born. Soooooo if you’re wondering what 12 on twitter means well it means that everyday you plan 12 minutes in your (cause I’ve got kids and a whole host of other things to focus on) THe last thing I want to ever do is get focused on the social media world.

So take 12 minutes out of your day and either read and like a tweet, react to a tweet or reach out to someone on twitter. Now in my last video I did talk about sharing and adding a reply.

Im not asking you to do this without help so I will be leaving a tip sheet with the steps to get started with the challenge as well.  to help you get started with twitter  that you can download to help you get started with the challenge. Each week in October I will aslo send over prompts for you to test out in your tweets!

So if you’re ready to get started with the #12ontwitter2017 challenge you only need to do a few things:

  1. Comment below on this video to let us all know that you’ll be joining! This is also a great way to market who you are and what you do to anyone viewing this video.
  2. Download the worksheet with my getting started with Twitter tips
  3. Go to Twitter and make your first tweet using the hashtag #12onTwitter2017 telling us you’re joining the channel or a little shout out to someone else in the challenge!

Let’s do this! See you on Twitter!